Terms and Conditions

    Council will commit up to $1000 worth of plants for the 2017 season.

    For safety reasons, please note that fruit and nut trees cannot be planted within 10 metres of houses, power lines, roads, foot paths or water pipes.

    While community support is sought for the maintenance of the nominated trees, the applicant acknowledges that they remain the property of Council.

    Maintenance of the tree by the community does not infer exclusive access to any produced fruit. In appreciation that the plants will be planted in a public space, applicants agree that the general public will have full access to any fruit produced by the tree.

    As part of a shortlisting process, residents adjacent to proposed planting sites will then be contacted for their feedback.

    Successful applicants will be contacted and provided with an information sheet for each variety of plant selected. The information sheet will provide information about how to maintain each plant.