What is the purpose of the Community Consultation & Engagement Policy?

    The purpose of this document is to underpin Council's commitment to the highest level of community engagement.

    The objectives of this policy are:

    2.1 To promote positive relationships between Council and the community.

    2.2 Provide the framework for appropriately structured, targeted and delivered community engagement as part of Council’s decision making.

    2.3 To provide effective communication and engagement between Council and the community.

    2.4 To encourage, enhance and/or provide the opportunity for community participation in the decision making processes of Council.

    2.5 To achieve a greater level of community input, understanding and ownership of decisions made by Council.

    2.6 Support Council decision making that is open, transparent, responsive, inclusive and accountable to the community.

    Where does the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) model fit with the Policy?

    The City of Mount Gambier will incorporate the principles of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) in all of its community engagement practices, both in those areas affected by legislation and in those areas where Council or Administration have determined, as a matter of good practice, to consult with the community.

    For the purpose of this policy the following applies:

    Inform - One way communication providing balanced and objective information to assist understanding about something that is going to happen.

    Consult - Two way communications designed to obtain public feedback about ideas on rationale, alternatives and proposals to inform decision making – Council will listen and acknowledge concerns and aspirations and provide feedback.

    Involve - Participatory process designed to help identify issues and views to ensure that concerns and aspirations are understood and considered prior to decision making – Council will work with the community to ensure that its concerns and aspirations are directly reflected in the alternatives developed.

    Collaborate - Working together to develop understanding of all issues and interest to work out alternatives and identify preferred solutions – Council will look to the community for direct advice and innovation in formulating solutions.

    Empower - As per the Local Government Act 1999 Section 50, 58 and 59

    Who makes the decision to consult with the community?

    It is the responsibility of Council and Administration to assess and identify issues where community engagement will assist the decision making process.

    The steps taken by Council on any proposal to engage with the community will depend on the particular issue under consideration, the resources available to Council and the level of interest that the issue is likely to generate

    Who does this Policy apply to?

    This Community Consultation and Engagement Policy will apply to Council Elected Members, Administration and others acting on behalf of the Council.

    Who is responsible for this Policy?

    The Community Consultation and Engagement Policy is developed and reviewed by Council.

    The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for:

    • Implementing and ensuring compliance with the Community Consultation and
    • Engagement Policy Reporting on outcomes in meeting the objectives of the Policy 
    • Reporting on the review and evaluation of the Policy

    This Policy will be reviewed and assessed biennially.

    Why can't Council consult on everything?

    Council is required to adhere to a certain number of legislative requirements related to consultation.

    For the purpose of this Policy, Council will define the parameters of the community engagement process for each specific topic, in line with legislative requirements and best practice and will use community engagement techniques to fulfil the “commitment” of the defined engagement process.