Elector Representation Review - Proposal Feedback

about 2 years ago
Kinship productions102

The Local Government Act (1999) requires all Councils to periodically review their composition and structure.

This review considers elements such as:

  • the configuration of the principal member of Council (Elected Mayor or Chairperson)
  • the composition and division of the Council including the total number of elected members and the need for area or ward councillors
  • the division of Council into wards or the retention of the existing ‘no wards’ structure
  • the level of ward representation; and
  • the naming of wards.

In July this year, the City of Mount Gambier invited interested community members to review an options paper and provide feedback on the various options available.

A report detailing the review process has been prepared which includes a proposed structure and composition of Council.

Feedback on the proposed structure is currently sought from the community - more information