What is a pump track?

    A pump track is a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by “pumping”, generating momentum by up and down body movements instead of pedalling or pushing. A pump track is a circuit typically about a quarter of the size of a BMX track. Pump tracks were originally designed for mountain and BMX bikes but now, due to sealed constructions, are also used by skateboard and scooter riders.

    Why is a new pump track proposed for Melaleuca Reserve?

    For many years, Melaleuca Reserve has hosted a basic BMX track, primarily shaped from dirt and informally maintained by a range of park users. 

    Numerous consultations conducted over recent years with surrounding residents and those utilising the reserve have highlighted strong community aspiration for the existing track to be improved. This has been underpinned by safety concerns attached to the self-constructed nature of jumps in the existing track and the demand for a higher quality facility for a range of people to enjoy.

    How is the project different to the existing track at Melaleuca Reserve?

    The track will be professionally designed and built and incorporate bitumen sealed jumps and berms. It will be constructed with materials that are permanent are designed to not be modified, increasing the safety and consistent use by riders throughout the year.

    Is the Melaleuca pump track designed for experienced riders only?

    No. The Melaleuca Pump Track will be a neighbourhood facility designed with beginners, families and younger riders in mind. 

    While it will be far smaller than the Mount Gambier Pump Track in Hastings Cunningham Reserve, it will complement this track and create a fantastic entry-level alternative. 

    Although smaller, the track will still feature jumps and berms and create an exciting new facility for the Melaleuca neighbourhood. 

    What will happen to the existing dirt track?

    In line with community feedback, the existing dirt track will be removed in its entirety replaced with the new sealed and custom designed track. 

    All remnants of the old track outside of the footprint of the new development will be removed from the site and replanted with grass.  

    When would the development commence?

    Works will commence in December 2020.

    What else will be considered as part of the project?

    As an important facility for the Melaleuca neighbourhood, the City of Mount Gambier will consider additional infrastructure required to accommodate the new track and ensure that the reserve continues to support a wide variety of uses. 

    We welcome feedback and ideas about this and other improvements that can be made to the reserve and surrounding area.