Wulanda timber beam installation and roofing

BADGE Constructions, Williams Crane Hire and specialist timber beam erectors have made the most of the fine weather conditions on site at the Wulanda Recreation and Convention Centre at Olympic Park in recent days erecting 8 of the 13 HESS Timber rafters over the pool hall area. The largest of all, spanning 42 metres and weighing about 7 tonnes is being fitted over the pool hall in the video.

As a first step, a 160 tonne crane lifts the beams out of the storage area in the 50 metre pool to enable the plastic covering to be removed. The crane then lifts the rafter into place. The beams are placed in a temporary ‘birds mouth’ wooden construction on top of the columns to ensure the timber settles in place, before the 110 tonne crane is used to enable erectors to screw and bolt each end securely.

Plywood flooring is placed on top of the rafters to provide structural support to enable installers to walk on the surface when applying the roofing. SA Construct commercial roofing and cladding is on site using a mobile mill machine to roll the iron roofing sheets that measure 56 metres long. A team of 13 will wait in a line to receive 80 or so sheets today and combine them into packs of six ready for installation. The roofing will be rolled out in a staged approach. The four layer system will include placing foil, spaces and insulation down, and then another foil layer and iron sheeting to complete the roof. More than 400 iron roof sheets will be installed over the entire building.

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