See you at _______?

Do you have a great idea for the name of the new facility?

As the most significant recreational facility in our region with state-of-the-art aquatic, fitness, sports, cultural, youth, café and crèche facilities it is important that this facility has a name that reflects the community aspiration for a place people want to visit, experience and return to.

We invite the you to submit your ideas for appropriate names. Submissions will be reviewed against the following qualities: 
  • They communicate something meaningful, 
  • They are distinctive, easy to remember, say and spell;
  • They can be future oriented e.g. positioned for growth, change and success;
  • They are representative of the community and broader region; 
  • They are reflective of the ancient or modern history of the site or region;
  • The name does not represent an individual community member,
  • The name is visual i.e. will lend itself to graphic presentation in a logo, in text and in brand architecture.

CLOSED: Submissions for the name of this facility have closed.